Self Love First

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow…and with all that is happening around it, sometimes the word can feel a little cold, and a lot lonely.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner it can be even worse.

Tight timelines, stress, working hard to build your dream, it can be a journey that others don’t fully understand.

Add the Valentine’s Fuel and you can soon see why this is such a sad time of year for so many people.

But I have a thought.

What if….

Instead of thinking we need to find the perfect mate….we became the perfect mate?

(Don’t actually strive for perfection, you know as well as I do it is impossible)

What if we went the extra mile?

Did something special for someone else with no thought of the reciprocity?

What if we…

Acted a little kinder to strangers?

Talked a whole lot nicer to ourselves?

See, I think these things all add up.

I have learned that when we do good, we feel better.

And when we feel better we do more good.

See it all goes around.

So where to start?

Great question.

What is you started with the person in the mirror?

No longer can you tell her she is too fat. You say she is beautiful.

No longer can you tell him he is a loser, never going to achieve anything.

You tell him to get out there and be awesome.

What if….

what is holding you back from everything you ever wanted….

is rooted in a lack of self love?

What if….

you started treating yourself like someone you love and little by little…you actually started to believe yourself?

From there…step by step you might actually start taking actions that will move you closer to your goal.

So this Valentine’s Day….please consider…

your worth is not tied up in the belongings you acquire.

Your value is not determined by who you are dating, or married to….or not.

You. Right here and right in this moment are important, special and worthy.

You deserve to be happy, and successful.

But you are going to have to go get it.

The good news World Changer?

I know you can.

So get out there, single, or married…fat or thin, whatever the case may be.

Get out there, and kick some ass.



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