This is my happy place.

The sun shining, warm on my skin. Beautiful blue ocean water as far as the eye can see. Clean, clear and cool.

My family and friends are spread out both on the beach, and about to jump in right behind me.

A picnic blanket is laid out and a wonderful spread of local, organic fresh fruit and vegetables awaits.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this week I faced many difficult moments, and I visited my happy places so many times. I could see it. Hear it. Smell it. I could see my daughters running to me the last time we went there….

This was a week of letting go to level up.

Conversations I needed to have with loved ones. Letting them know I was stepping back from the role they know me in. Telling them I was forging ahead on a new path.

It was painful and uncomfortable. But I learned something really important about my self.

In the past when  I wanted to get out of something  I would pretty much be going along like everything was fine, and then I would just have enough one day and I would quit. Walk out. Disappear. No closure. No conversations.

I knew this was happening from time to time but I don’t think I even fully realized how often until  I began writing this post.

As my nails click along on the keyboard, more times come flooding back to me. Relationships, jobs, general commitments.

This was gruelling for me to get through. But as recognized my almost reflex of wanting to run, I forced myself to stay and face the consequences.

It meant shedding a lot of tears. It meant telling people they were going to have to go on without me.

It meant leaving my comfort zone and stepping in to the unknown – going it alone.

I’m so glad I did.

I can let go of being the person who leaves loose ends.

I have grown strong enough to speak my truth and respectful enough to tell it to others instead of leaving them with questions. I have started on a path of integrity, of building truly good, kind and honourable character.

I know my passions. I know what I can contribute to the world. I know the life I am working every day to build.

You can’t live in two worlds. You can’t sail away to your dreams and sit on the dock with your olds friends at the same time.

And that hurts.

I had to choose, and so do you if you ever want more than a mediocre, lukewarm life.

You will have to go ALL IN.

Will you?

I hope so. You are so worth it.



4 thoughts on “MKE WEEK 8”

  1. Caryn, Thank you for sharing your struggle. As I read, I was hoping for a deeper unfolding of why it was a painful and uncomfortable. What is the role you are stepping back from? What is your new path? Please share these details. You present details about the mood of the day and what items are on the blanket. All visual, yet would love to hear more about your experience, struggles, breakthroughs, regarding the journey through Master Key. So glad I discovered your page. You have so much you are creating and look forward to future sharings of your journey. So proud and happy for you. Best, Charles

    1. Caryn,

      As I read my comment, I only wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and as I read my comment I left yesterday, it appears to be that of an opinion, ironically, which is what I’m avoiding. So I am sorry. Thank you for generosity. Thank you for your time. Your blog is beautifully crafted and designed.
      Best, Charles

      1. Thank you for coming back and commenting on your own comment. I applaud you. I think this takes a lot of courage. What is it you think you are avoiding? Walking away from something? Or someone? This can be difficult for sure. Thank you for your kind words, I hope this serves you and helps you take action on your own path.

    2. Charles… you ask questions…at the time i was not in a place where I could share more details…. I felt that sharing the struggle could be enough for someone to relate to …stepping back from people and things we care about…I had been building a network marketing business for over three years and love my coaches and my team very very much. I thought I had found my path to freedom, and serving the world. However it was revealed to me through a conversation with one of my coaches that the life I desire, the vision that is within me, my DMP as you understand it to be, she told me I cannot have it with that business. I spent the last year trying to make the two worlds come together, and through tears as I told her this she simply said “You can’t” and my world came crashing down. So I had to choose what I would do next. Stay where I was comfortable, with people I love, but always having a deep nagging that I am not where I am supposed to be…or say goodbye to people and ideas that I have believed in for so long. Painfully, I walked away and took a leap of faith. Thank you for your questions.

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