HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2018. I cannot believe it.

The start of 2017 seems all at once so long ago,  and also like it was yesterday.

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely nowhere near where I thought I would be.

That sucks. It is also awesome.

It sucks because  Ithink we all have dreams and goals we wish could just happen ~snap~ like that.

Maybe its a new house or car, a new job or relationship, lose the weight or win the competition.

Either way I honestly did not accomplish many of my goals from last year. Boo. But I didn’t really do the work either. I thought I wasting the work. Or I convinced and justified enough things to myself that I believed it. But the truth is I wasn’t taking action on the right things.

Which leads me to why it is awesome.

I have many things in my life I wouldn’t have if all my goals from last year had been met.

To be honest most of them are things I have learned or ways I have changed….so I am really excited to take the right actions in the right order this year, to help those lessons turn into dollars in the bank.

Just saying!

I have big goals for this year, like I probably will every year of my life, but I have come to see the pleasure in accomplishing small things as well.

Like if my business makes $400 this month that is better than 0.

Whereas before it was like if it didn’t make $10,000 then it might as well have made nothing. Ridiculous I know. And for most of you this probably sounds silly. But that is how I was. All or nothing. Black or white.

But leaders live in the grey.

Leaders know that there is an “it depends…” answer for almost everything.

No one formula is going to be the magic bullet for everyone.

This week in MKE we added statement cards about a positive experience from the day. Little things that happen that make us feel happy.

How wonderful it is to enjoy those moments in reflection each day, and I am so looking forward to seeing months from now all the moments that will have accumulated.

What happened in your day today?


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