As another holiday season comes to an end, I hope it was filled with so much love and laughter for you. If it was not the best, my wish for you is that you would take the lessons and let the rest go.

This year, because we are in the new house, we decided to have each of our families over for a day.

What could have been very stressful was a whole lot of fun. We didn’t do anything fancy. The food we ate was pretty simple. It was incredibly cold (colder than -40 C with the windchill…some day I will move from a place where the air hurts my face), so we snuggled inside, played games, did puzzles, watched movies and drank warm drinks.

There was something beautiful about the simplicity of it all.

My quiet time to sit at the end of each day often crept into other moments as well, and I felt myself decompressing after this busy month. It was much needed.

It has allowed me to take a step back and notice how much I was tangled up in the season. How easy it is to become complacent in moving towards my goals.

But I am not frustrated or disappointed in myself. I am learning to recognize the need for rest, and I feel more energized than at the start of the month.

I am settling into my new home, and even though admittedly I didn’t want to move here I am enjoying the new place, and accepting this as a new chapter in the adventure book of my life.

I have always found a way (or had the methods revealed to me) to achieve the goals I set, and this time will be no different. I fully believe the universe has my back.

What about you World Changer? How are you feeling after this holiday season?

Did you get everything you wished for?

If you did, I hope you keep growing your dreams bigger and bigger….and if you didn’t I wish you the strength and courage to keep going.

I believe in you.


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