This week has been so insane!! My girls and I are staying at my brother and sister in laws place while they rehearse for and perform in the Nutcracker.

This has meant I have not been home at all and it has been quite a jam packed week.

All that being said I am so grateful for this time.

It is a bit of a break. Since I am not at home I cannot worry about all the things I need to do there like unpack and get things organized. This is freeing.

I am loving the separation and having a lot of fun adding gratitude cards to my deck every day.

I have so much to be grateful for:

a safe and reliable vehicle for Canadian winters

the ability to be home with my girls

the privilege of participating in events like the Nutcracker (or rather that my girls can)

a beautiful new home to go to after this week

girls who are learning to work hard and follow their dreams

family who welcomes us into their home

a new sweet nephew to cuddle with

being born in Canada

Seriously. The list goes on and on.

The holiday season always makes me reflect on the year gone by and admittedly I even get a little nostalgic…maybe even a bit melancholy.

Focusing on the things I am grateful for right here and right now is really keeping me from falling into any regrets I may have about how the last year went. There are many things I did not do that I wish I had. There are others I did, that I wish I hadn’t. But then again all of those choices led me exactly to where I am now…and I don’t want to trade that away.

I am grateful for where I am. For the opportunity to work on myself, grow and move forward in the ways I want.

I am starting a new business, and it has multiple components. I have yet to be sure of how they will all fit together….but every time I try to let go of one aspect it comes back and taps me on the shoulder….as if to say Nope, you can’t leave me.

I am grateful that I know the direction I am heading, even if I can’t see the whole path. Even if I don’t know how I am actually going to make it all happen.

I am grateful for this day, these ideas and dreams. So grateful for this life.

I am grateful for you reading this. Thank you.




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