I am continuing to work on loving myself, and I will persist until I succeed. This persistence is what Scroll III is about.I will persist until I succeed.

Now the scroll is not directly what the scroll is referring to, but it is one area that I am working on. The more I work on it, the more I realize how truly awful I have been to myself.

We have affirmations we are using in the program and they are helping me so so much.

Simple but effective.

Isn’t that so often the way?

We complicate things more than we need to.

I just moved to a new town. I am homeschooling two children. My husband and I own a farming company, and I am trying to grow my other businesses.

People tell me all the time how busy I am and how i have so much on the go. I just realized how often I listen to them. BAH!!

I have been persistent in believing we can have a better life. Persistent in believing there is more waiting for us out there.

But I have not been persistent enough in the IMPLEMENTATION of the actions it will take me to get there.

Growing an empire is not going to come through wishful thinking and belief alone.

Yet this need not be any more complicated than taking each step one at a time. Choosing the right thing to do next.

So….are you persistent? In your beliefs? In your dreams? How about in your actions?

It’s ok if the answer is no right now. Take a breath and make a change. Each moment is a new opportunity to change your course and your destiny. Each breath is a chance to rise up to your potential.

I’m moving on, moving forward. Being persistent in the actions that will lead to the realization of my vision for my life, and beyond. Are you coming with me?

Let’s go.


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