Interviewer: Gabby B.

Date: 27 December 2025

Location: Bali, Organic raw Eatery

She approaches. Strong and soft at the same time you can feel her presence before you ever see her. There is an ease and an energy. She is magnetic.

From her books, courses, workshops to the way she gives back Ryn is setting the world on fire with her passion for both wellness and social entrepreneurship.

She tackles the topic unlike any other. As a mother with a background in nursing, Ryn saw gaps in the both the healthcare system and the well being of families in North America.

She joins me for breakfast, on this perfect sunny day in Bali. We meet at a cute cafe, complete with platters of vibrant fruit, raw treats, fresh pressed juices, and crisp white table cloths.

Its her favourite place here, and it should be. She founded it 5 years ago as a way to support and give back to the local community…a place she fell in love with when she came for her yoga teacher training 7 years ago.

Before she takes her seat, long blonde hair, blowing gently in the breeze, tousled her signature easy, approachable style, she gives me a hug. Hers are the tightest hugs you have ever had, like when you greet a loved one at the airport after a long separation, and she means them deeply.

“Hey Gabby. It is so good to see you my friend. It has been far too long once again.”

I smile and remind her I saw her last week in NYC at the launch for my newest book.

She giggles and replies “Exactly.”

I love how when you are with her you always feel like the most important person in her world.

After enjoying our meal, she leans forward, almost as if to conspire and says, “Shall we order some lavender lattes?”

“Naturally!” I exclaim.

These lattes are out of this world. Balinese coffee itself is delicious. Grown in the rich volcanic soil, mostly by small local farmers, it serves as a perfect base for this post-meal treat.

Locally sourced coconut milk and cafe made lavender syrup compliment the Balinese coffee exquisitely.

We order and I ask her the question everyone wants to know.

“How did you do it? How did you get here? To this place? This life?”

She takes a deep breath and begins, while I fall entranced listening to her weave the tale.

“It started with a dream. A small seed of hope deep inside me. The image was just so fuzzy.

I married a farmer and found I didn’t like living in the middle of nowhere. I was always driving to see friends. Winters were cold and long and lonely.

When our girls were born relations on the farm became more complicated. The classic example of the in law tug of war, and oversharing on opinions about our parenting.

It was getting to be too much, and when we took our family vacation In February of 2014, we returned home with dread, but a resolve to keep our family unit protected.

A few weeks later I met a local entrepreneur who introduced me to a group of people she was working with. They were on a mission to help others better their lives, personally and financially, and I was excited.

Fast forward a year, we had moved our family to Red Deer, my husband was commuting to the farm and our organization was starting to grow.

But there was a seed of doubt inside me. One that was confirmed by a man I was working with at the time.

He said to me at one point how great it is how we educate people and how we build real relationships with them, but he wanted to cast a net wider than what he could do just by being out int the world for an hour or even a few hours each day.

I had felt the same thing, and his comment tipped me over the edge. I plunged fully into the world of social media.

It started with a phenomenal course called Social Brand School. I was able to see social media in a completely new light. That my suspicion was true, you could use it to connect and build relationships with people, and offer them an opportunity.

It didn’t stop there though.”

Ryn paused. “Actually though Gabby it started before that. I had read your Add More Ing book…through that I eventually got an email regarding Marie Forleo’s B-School…from there I eventually discovered Social Brand School, maybe they were working together and maybe not. I can’t remember.”

She moved on.

“Social media exploration led me to list building and list building led me to sales funnels. That’s the short version, but it took me the whole first year to get through only the surface level of each of those. And I still wasn’t taking much in terms of action steps to grow any of my companies.

The ideas had really begun to fly at this point but each idea let to another and at times I found myself distracted by each new shiny object.

At other times, I simply felt overwhelmed.

I had two young girls back then and my husband was working full time and commuting to the farm.

Fall of 2017 brought sudden changes. A friend urged me to enrol in a program called the Master Key Alliance. Literally I had such a love for courses, I was at that time telling myself no more. But she urged me….its free, it will change your life.

I looked at it. Promises of learning how to finally control and rebuild habits with ease.” She laughed.

“I was incredibly optimistic and open minded. I thought why not. I will. Total game changer by the way.

From there life went in fast forward it felt, especially the first few weeks as I adjusted to all the amazing things happening around me.

First we bought a house we weren’t even looking for, and moved back closer to the farm.

This is itself offered a world of opportunity.

I started holding classes and workshops in the gorgeous basement space.

Smoothie and elixir classes, raw food workshops, meditations and yoga, to name a few.

I was determined when I moved out there that I would make an impact in the community.

I started holding social media classes and workshops at a local learning centre.

I set a goal to get my yoga teacher training, and raw chef certification.

I dug deep and really started to get to know myself.

What was important to me?

What did  I value?

How could I give back and make a difference?

What problems could I solve?

The shift started when I signed up to be a partner for this company called Crowned 4 Success.

I took a certification course and qualified to work as a partner coach with them, which gave me the opportunity to start selling courses and earning commissions.

The courses were phenomenal and I knew they could make a difference in the lives of other female entrepreneurs so it was a perfect place to start.

I was already providing coaching through my initial business so this was also a simple add-on.

I leveraged Instagram and exploded that business, a fine start.

This translated to 2018 being the year of our family becoming totally debt free. A dream we started with 4 years earlier, uncertain if we could really achieve and maintain it.”

She leaned back, reflective, before carrying on.

“That time was a blur, Gab, really it all went so fast. I was doing my social media management, growing my network marketing company, building the Free Spirit Academy and homeschooling the girls.

Add on the offer to buy the juicery and starting a software company?

People thought I was insane. Maybe I was just a little.” She winked and gave a sly grin.

“But you have to be just a little bit don’t you think? Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart and definitely not for those who want to play it safe. You have to be willing to go out… way out on a limb.

Well of course you know what I mean. You built your own empire.

Anyways as I was saying once we moved to Three Hills I was focused on getting the courses going there, serving and connecting in the community and things were going really well.

Since we were debt free early in 2018, when the girls started school that fall we were able to take on a second property in Calgary which really cut down on the commuting.

I was so happy, and that condo was everything I wanted. White and glam, right by the river, walking distance to China town and Eau Claire markets, right in the heart of the city where we could truly experience the culture.

At that point we had developed multiple apps throughout the wellness, family and lifestyle industries, and I took off to- well right here!

I came to Bali fall of 2018 for my Yoga Teacher training at the Sacred Fig.

To say it was incredible would be an understatement.

Yoga training was important to me because I wanted to be able to share the gift it had been in my life. And it tied in so well with raw food and everything else I was working on.

The books, online courses and live workshops have really just been add ons.

My purpose here always has been and always will be FREEDOM. Creating it first for myself, then showing others how to do the same.

There are so many levels and so many forms of freedom.

Not everyone is at a place where they want to push boundaries and explore this, but I’m here for those who do.

The key that I want people to take away is that they need to add value. Through that value they need to build residual income if they ever want to be free from working for someone else. It is really that simple.

There are certainly things I do that don’t create residual cash flow, but it is the residual income I have built that allows me the freedom to do them.

See what I mean?”

She pauses the way she always does when she really wants me to think about something, notices another friend has just entered the cafe, and hops up to greet them with joy and love.

This interview is over but I know her story is only beginning. One that will be told through generations of her own family and undoubtedly many others as well.

Sat Nam.