Mind Blowing Week.

Changes made to the readings… crossing out the word “will” has been AH-mazing!!

This whole experience has really shown me how limiting my words were before…and I was considered to be quite a positive person.

I love the idea of speaking in present tense…removing wish words from my vocabulary and really talking about the things I am doing. (And doing the things I am talking about…not living in my head).

Not to mention, the total upheaval that is happening in my life…..

Literally before this program started my husband and I were just puttering along our path and had some plans but weren’t fully taking the actions we needed to achieve them.

Now since starting this I cannot even believe the doors that have opened up to us!

And he isn’t even on the program!

In the last two weeks we have seen and now purchased a home…in another town…and are moving in 6 weeks! The property is beautiful and it will be a wonderful place to have for our family but more than that along with it have come multiple opportunities to give back and add value in the new community.

There are no words for this experience, you have to live it. The book is amazing. The lessons are totally expanding my mind…..and my life? Moving forward in all the best ways, and faster than I ever dreamed possible.

You’re next!

PS- Do not take this to mean there has not been challenges. There certainly has. It is no easy feat to stay on top of the habits…the app is super helpful for this….but more than that when you start accelerating through life at a rapid pace you will meet resistance. Stand strong and stay true. Sometimes you have to let go of the past so you can grab the future. xo


Hey World Changers!

I cannot believe that another week has passed although I have to admit at the same time it feels like this has been part of my life for so long!

I never thought i would be able to memorize anywhere close to a Chapter of a book but that is really starting to happen!

Also, I have had so SO many clarifying thoughts and new understandings about what my purpose is here and I what I need to be doing in this world.


Mind blowing. There is nothing else to say!

The power of having right thinking…..undeniably awesome.

At first I thought I was going to get bored reading the same chapter three times a day for 30 days but NOPE! It  just gets better and better….

Also this week we learned about our personal needs….mine are LIBERTY and HELPING OTHERS….. YES!!

When you are able to run decisions and opportunity based on  those needs…..everything really starts to snap in to alignment and life starts moving in the right direction.

I am also LOVING our blueprint builder ( another tool  form this course) it is so AMAZING…. and my favourite part is how it talks about releasing negative emotions because I know that I will never build success that way. Connecting with this program on so many levels and i am again so thankful that I have this opportunity!

This week I clarified my business goals and purpose, clarified which actions to prioritize, and am wrapping up a course that will be an addition to my coaching company! Woo woo!

I am so excited to see what I get to share with you next week. The power of repetition…..changing your mindset to right thinking…manifesting all your dreams into reality, this is just the best thing I could have done right now.



Hey World Changers!

So this week began the journey I think could really be one of the pivotal points of my life.

Yes it is that intense.

I began the Master Key experience, and to be honest I had no idea what I was really getting myself in to.

Late last week, as the deadline was fast approaching (unbeknownst to me, as I had never even heard of the program at his point), I got a call about this program I “had to” join…and it was only going to cost me $1 if I took action RIGHT NOW and did this quiz….

filled out this form…it was a real whirlwind.

I will tell you this…

I am so incredibly grateful.

In just this week I can already start to see that I am thinking differently. More clearly. More purposefully.

I am opening up and starting to admit to things I really want in my life. How I truly want to live.

It felt a little silly the first day I will admit….but I am loving it so much and seeing such great results that I don’t find it silly anymore….

And even my young daughters are sitting and listening to me read aloud. How cool for them to see me be an example of consistency. Probably the best example of  this I have ever been.

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. I never expected to be here but I am thankful I am.

Letting go of what no longer serves me and my wish for you….is the same