Just. Don’t. Do. It.

OK…. here we go….. I wrote a post on Instagram about this a while back…. we have talked about it before… and yet I am still seeing it happen all the time.

What is it?

The classic Follow/Unfollow.


Seriously. It is rude. And it makes you look like a superficial fake.

I get it. I totally understand. You want to grow your following so big, so badly that you just can’t help yourself. Well stop it.

Those vibes you are putting off are inauthentic and they will never ever attract the customers and clients who who could truly benefit from your products or services.

But Ryn!! I don’t know what else to do!!

OK… Don’t worry World Changers, I’ve got you.

Here are some tips for what to do instead:

  1. Stop being such a jerk. Ok sort of a joke and sort of not! Don’t get all offended, you know I love to give you a free spirited kick in the pants, all with a heavy dose of love. Because what I want, and what I am here for is to help you WIN.
  2. Think: What problem does my product or service solve?
  3. Who has that problem?
  4. Connect. Connect. Connect
  5. Add value. Add value. Add value.

So what do I mean by connect?

I mean actually connect. Reach out and ask how they are doing. Compliment them. Be kind. All without looking for anything in return.

The universe doesn’t actually work that way anyhow.

You often put good out in one place and get it back from somewhere entirely different. Don’t worry about it. Stop focusing on selling to people and start focusing on how you can add value. Keep it simple.

So now this whole add value thing what do I mean?

Again I want you to keep it really simple. If you have skincare products share tips on how to take care of your skin….eat healthy, get enough rest, use quality products and drink more water.

See? Value added and trust is starting to build. You are showing yourself as an expert in your area….and people will like you because they feel safe and appreciated.

So please world changers…stop the follow/unfollow… answer those questions… and start growing your business the right way, the prosperous way! Connect. Add value. Repeat.



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