Our Approach

At Life In The Clouds we take a unique approach. We focus on FREEDOM. Your Freedom. And we believe that Freedom can come in many forms. So its up to you to define it. Share your vision with us so we can help you make a plan and follow through on it.

Oh and one more thing? We are with you every step of the way, from easing the load of day to day tasks like posting on social media, to offering trainings to you or your team; we are passionate about entrepreneurship, and passionate about helping you bring your dreams into real life.

Our Story

Life in the Clouds, a Cloud Life Inc. brand, was founded primarily on the value of Freedom.

We believe in creating freedom to the fullest extent possible for self and others and we are so grateful we found a way to do it.

Life in the Clouds, is here to empower creative, free spirited business owners. To challenge them to live their best life, become their best selves and rise to the challenge of growing the company they dream of while leaving the lasting positive impact they desire.

We know there are so many amazing companies out there who have a service or product that will truly benefit the lives of those they serve.

Our mission? Simple.

To connect with those owners, and help them connect with their ideal market.


Caryn Knievel

Founder & Owner

Eternal Optimist.

Fiercely loyal.


Raw food lover.

Massive dreamer and professional solution seeker.

Lid lifter, freedom creator, and World Changer.

Next Steps...

Grab our free 5 Day Training series "Blow the Lid Off" to get quick tips for everything from mindset to money......and start elevating your life to cloud level today!